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A Pre-K For All and Nursery School

Summer Camp

Summer Camp in Rego Park, NY for Pre-K For All through Fifth Grade students.

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Sibling Discounts
Your second child will receive a 20% discount off tuition, not food, if needed. Your third child will receive a 30% discount off tuition, not food, if needed.  To receive this discount, children must be legitimate family members and proof will be required.


July 8 through August 16

Exploring the World through Art, Music, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics for Pre-K to Fifth Grade. It is a GREAT PROGRAM!

We are going to be traveling around the globe this summer exploring different cultures to see how wonderful and interesting they are, how they are different and the same to the one we know, it helps foster understanding of how and why different cultures celebrate, eat, dress and live and how just because that is different from our own, that it is still wonderful and beautiful.  It supports our love of learning and starts us on a journey to toward our ever increasingly Global World.

We will be doing all of this through Art, Music, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  Each classroom is divided by age and has grade specific curriculum to enrich your child and prepare them for a successful start of school this fall.

Week 1:  New York City and the North East of America
Week 2:  The Caribbean and Central America
Week 3:  South America and Antartica
Week 4:  Western Europe including Ireland and the United Kingdom
Week 5:  Eastern Europe:  Poland, Slovakia, Hungry, and Greece
Week 6:  Asia:  China, Korea, and Japan

We eat Healthy

We will provide a lunch during summer camp for an additional $3.00/day. There are three types of lunches available from our caterer.  
1 Regular - contains meat
2 Vegetarian
3 Dairy Free

Each meal contains a protein, a 1% milk, seasonal vegetables, a carbohydrate (bread, rice, potato, etc.) and fresh fruit. Check out Red Rabbit LLC for examples of their weekly menus and their philosophy on healthy eating. Every family can also choose to supply their own food.  Sometimes there are special diets or cultural concerns.  Please feel free to send in your child’s lunch but we ask that it be a healthy version. No soda or chips allowed. We also are ready for allergies from very light to more concerning but we are not a peanut free school.


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